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The defining feature of the CargoVise are the four overlapping wings that expand or compress to adapt to the size and shape of your cargo.


Everything you put inside a CargoVise is securely tightened between at least 2 layers of foam padding and will not rattle around in transit.


The four wings and inner bag offer countless configurations. They expand to fit large bulky items or compress to haul little or nothing at all!

CargoVise at a Glance:

A cargo systems that adapts to your gear!

CargoVise uses four overlapping wings and an internal roll-up bag that stow, fold and compress like a burrito! See how it works here:

How It Works

What People Are Saying

  • I love that I can use one bag for all my gear. Hunting trips are now easy and functional with my Cargovise in tow.
    Carl Hermansen
  • Finally, a compact bag for all my gear! Thank you! Now I don't have to worry about things breaking or getting lost in my trunk.
    Scott Smith awesome product, millions of uses...

Use on the front or rear rack of an ATV or on your snowmobile!

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